Foam & Latex Disposal

Foam Recycling

Dart Container in Holt is offering foam recycling! Be good to the environment and drop off your Number 6 foam at:
Dart Container Corporation
2148 Depot Street
Holt, MI 48842

Drop off is open 24/7

  • Food service foam and packaging foam both accepted
  • Rinse food service foam
  • No foam packaging peanuts please

Latex Paint Disposal Hints

Latex paint can be thrown in the regular trash, but it must be solid. To solidify latex paint, you must:

  1. Remove the lid
  2. Add enough cat litter to the paint to absorb all of the liquid
  3. Make sure the cat litter is mixed down to the bottom of the can
  4. Leave the lid off, place the paint can in a sunny location, out of the reach of children and pets, and let it sit until it hardens
  5. Once the paint/cat litter mixture is hard, it can be thrown in the trash

If you have a full can of paint, simply take a box and line it with a trash bag. Solidify half the paint with cat litter in the box and solidify the remaining paint with cat litter right in the can, following the directions above.