Public Art Opportunity

Request for Artist Proposals 

PROPOSAL DEADLINE:                                           TOTAL BUDGET FOR SCULPTURE PROJECT:

May 28, 2021                                                              $10,000 - $20,000 


Delhi Township has received a Placemaking Public Art Grant from the Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) in the amount of $10,000.  The grant was awarded to the Township for the purpose of commissioning, creating and installing a piece of public art. The art will be for public year round display.   The grant is designed to strengthen economic development efforts in the Greater Lansing region by enhancing the sense of place for residents and visitors through public art. 

In addition to the grant funding, Delhi Township has budgeted additional funding for this project.  However, the total available funding ($20,000) must include installation costs, foundations, lighting, etc. as well as the sculpture itself.  All proposals must include a detailed breakdown of the budget to account for each of these items.

 Delhi Township applied for the grant to allow the installation of a sculpture in the passive park next to Keller Road on Cedar Street. There is a circle in the pavement there which was created to showcase a sculpture.  The art piece must be highly visible to both automobile and pedestrian traffic, and act as an iconic landmark representing the unique character of the Realize Cedar corridor area. The sculpture will be viewed from all sides, and ideally would invoke a sense of movement or change between different vantage points.  It will help create a sense of place, foster excitement, and set a progressive tone for the corridor.  Ideally, the sculpture will provoke conversation between those that view it.   It will reflect the community and the space in which it is situated. The embodiment of this project will engage the community through visual, spatial, and sensory experience while helping to define the sense of place being created along Cedar Street between Aurelius and Holt Roads.  

Physical installation of the Sculpture must occur by no later than October 15, 2021.

Click here for printable PDF of the Request for Proposal


The competition is open to all artists, architects, designers, etc. living or working in Clinton, Eaton or Ingham Counties.

Artists should provide the following information in their response to this RFP:

  1. Small scale model or rough draft of a three-dimensional work or complete drawing of a two-dimensional work 
  2. Drawings or photographs that demonstrate the relationship of the sculpture to the site (e.g. demonstrate the scale of the sculpture relative to surroundings). 
  3. Material samples for the sculpture and any relevant construction materials, as appropriate. 
  4. Installation details.
  5. Description of routine maintenance and a reasonable estimate of maintenance costs. 
  6. Description of any warranty offered or future services/availability to make repairs.
  7. Artist’s resume.
  8. Statement of interest in the project. 
  9. Detailed Budget – including sculpture, lighting, foundation, installation costs, etc.

Note:   Art pieces that have been previously fabricated or completed will also be considered for this project.  


Proposals must be submitted by 12 PM on June 4, 2021.   For purposes of ensuring a fair process, late proposals will not be accepted.  It is anticipated that the successful artist would be notified in early June, with contracts executed quickly.


Submissions may be made as follows:

By Mail:

Delhi Township

Attn: Tracy Miller

2074 Aurelius Road

Holt, MI 48842


Personal Delivery:

Delhi Township Community Service Building

Manager’s Office

Attn: Tracy Miller

2074 Aurelius Road

Holt, MI 48842


 Electronic Delivery:


Please note that, regardless of the delivery method used, is it the sole responsibility of the respondent to ensure proper delivery.


The sculpture will be placed outdoors within the “concrete circle” at the passive park area located at the corner of Keller Road and Cedar Street.  The sculpture must be highly visible from the road and appear substantial and significant.  It is envisioned that the sculpture will be illuminated at night so that it is visible at all times for the community to enjoy.   

The sculpture should provide a focal point that complements its immediate surroundings, including the significant streetscape improvements that were recently completed along Cedar Street in this area.  The site is the northern entrance to the revitalizing “Realize Cedar” area, which includes residential and neighborhood commercial land uses.   There are several significant developments occurring in the area, which will create a sense of vibrancy and place.     

The sculpture will be readily visible to those driving and walking by.  

 Included in the Realize Cedar area is the very popular Holt Farmer’s Market. The market hosts many events throughout the year, including wildly popular “food frenzy’s” in the summer. The LEED Silver certified Sam Corey Senior Center is also located in this area. Cedar Street is connected to the Township offices and library through the stunning Veteran’s Memorial Garden park.   

Please see the map and photos for placement and area information.  Information about the Realize Cedar project can be found at