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October 23, 2019 - Issue #2
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Get Ready for the 2020 Census

The 2020 Census is quickly approaching, and we want to make sure you understand how important it is for you to fill out your census form. The U.S. Constitution requires that all people living in our country be counted every 10 years.

The census provides a snapshot of Delhi Township that determines how much federal funding our community receives for critical services and programs our seniors and families rely on including: transportation, housing, education, and workforce development. For every person who completes the census, Delhi Township will receive $18,000 in federal funding over the next 10 years.

Responding to the census will be easier than ever in 2020. There will be three ways for you to complete the census: online, by phone and by mail. Invitations to respond will arrive in mailboxes starting in March 2020, so be on the lookout. 

Special Olympic team picture

Congratulations to the Holt Rams

The Delhi Township Board of Trustees recognized the Holt Rams Special Olympics Unified Flag Football Team at its Oct. 15 board meeting for bringing home the gold medal in the 2018 USA Games. Competing as Team Michigan, 10 athletes from Holt and Mason beat Team Minnesota 18-12 on a last second pass to Mitchell Johnson as time expired.  Read more here

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New Truck Traffic & Truck Parking Ordinance takes effect Nov. 5th

The Delhi Township Board of Trustees recently adopted the Truck Traffic and Truck Parking Ordinance, which will reduce commercial truck traffic and truck parking on local streets and in neighborhoods in Delhi Township. The Ordinance takes effect Nov. 5. It designates truck routes and regulates the parking of large trucks and trailers on public streets, throughout the Township.
Here are additional details about the ordinance:

·         Violating the Truck Traffic and Truck Parking Ordinance will result in civil infractions ranging from $100 for the first offense, $250 for a second offense within six months, and $500 for each subsequent offense.
·         Trucks are permitted to make pick-ups, deliveries and service calls to residences and businesses located outside the approved routes, but upon completion, they must return to a designated route as quickly as possible.
·         The designated truck routes will not hinder the flow of goods and services into or out of the Township.
·         The ordinance applies to semi-trailers, large trucks, trailers and truck-trailers. Please see the Ordinance for additional detail.
·         The ordinance has been adopted to protect and preserve the township’s infrastructure, public safety and community welfare.

For additional details, view the Truck Traffic and Truck Parking Ordinance
and the Approved Truck Routes Map.

Learn More: Our Sidewalk Installation & Maintenance Process

In Delhi Township, our top priority is providing safe routes for everyone who navigates our community including pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. As a community, we value walkability, sidewalks and other pedestrian amenities and feel they are extremely important.

While the township has facilitated sidewalk installation, the projects have almost always been made possible by grants received by the township or one of our partners. Unfortunately, grant funding for sidewalks has become very limited and is not available for the general expansion of sidewalks, as has been recently suggested by some residents in our community.
Sidewalk installation and maintenance are the responsibility of the property owner.  The Township’s Sidewalk Ordinance requires that sidewalks be installed in many areas of the Township whenever a property is developed, or when significant improvements are made. The township is not able to routinely pay for the installation of new sidewalks.  

There is some grant funding available for sidewalk and other safety improvements under the State of Michigan’s Safe Routes 2 School program, and the Township has used these funds. However, all Safe Routes 2 School sidewalks improvements must be done in proximity to public schools and be aimed at directly improving student safety.

The township does budget funds each year to help with sidewalk repairs and improve sidewalk ramps that are not ADA compliant. The township board has also put systems in place that guide trail development and other pedestrian improvements when grant and other funding can be identified.

Non-Motorized Transportation Plan which was originally adopted in 2007 and updated in 2016 with significant input, was developed to guide trail construction and other pedestrian improvements. We also adopted the Complete Streets Ordinance, which requires that sidewalks and other non-motorized infrastructure be installed, whenever feasible, as roads undergo construction or significant reconstruction.

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Delhi Township Tree Lighting
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