Building Permit Information

Temporary COVID-19 Procedures for Delhi Township Building/Trade Permits

UPDATED November 17, 2020

Please review this important information regarding building/trade permits and inspections.  The procedures have changed, and you will need to know this information to ensure your project runs smoothly and on-time.  Thank you!


  • Delhi Township is currently issuing new building and trade permits and conducting associated inspections.
  • Permit applications can be found at as fillable PDFs. Please save the form to your computer before filling it out. If you do not, your entered data will not be saved.
  • Please make sure that your e-mail address is on every application. 
  • The Township is open, but the offices are closed to the public. In-person applications and consultations are not permitted at this time. 
  • All applications must be submitted to the office by mail, use of the dropbox (located in front of the Township office) or by submitting electronically using e-mail.
  • Permit payments can be submitted with the application, or if the amount is not known - like in the case of many building permits- we will contact you to provide the payment amount. Payment can be made over the phone using a credit card or payment can be mailed/placed in the dropbox.  There is no extra fee to use a credit card.
  • Permits will be released once payment is received.
  • Approved/Issued permits will be e-mailed back to the applicant.
  • Staff will be available to answer questions over the phone or by e-mail. The office is closed to the public.  Please submit questions via phone calls or e-mail.


  • Inspections will be conducted remotely, using FaceTime or Duo, whenever possible and when the inspector determines it feasible. On-site inspections will be conducted if necessary, as determined by the inspector.
  • All construction sites must adhere to social distancing practices, and all current MIOSHA and/or Emergency Order requirements.


  • For residential projects the inspector may be accompanied by one person only. This can either be the homeowner or contractor, per the MDHHS emergency order.
  • For non-residential inspections, the inspector may not be accompanied and must be alone.  All those on the job site must not be near the inspector.  This is required in order to comply with the MDHHS emergency order which prohibits indoor gatherings of 2 or more people.

  • Please note: If an inspector arrives on-site and observes violations of these requirements or feels that he cannot ensure his own personal safety due to conditions on the jobsite, the inspector is required to leave without performing the inspection. The inspection will then have to be rescheduled and a re-inspection fee will be charged.
  • For the safety of residents and our inspectors, in-person inspections of occupied dwelling units will be avoided, if possible. If an inspection is necessary, no more than one homeowner/authorized representative will be present. That individual must wear a mask and stay at least 6’ away from the inspector at all times during the inspection.  Inspectors will wear a mask while performing the inspection. A failure to adhere to these rules will result in termination of the inspection, rescheduling, and a re-inspection fee.
  • Building inspections will be conducted Monday through Friday.
  • Electrical inspections will be conducted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday whenever possible.
  • Plumbing and Mechanical inspections will be conducted Monday, Wednesday and Friday only.  
  • Specific inspection times cannot be offered. Inspections will be scheduled for anytime during the inspection day.
  • All inspections must be requested the day before by no later than noon. Inspections will be requested by either calling 517-694-8281 or e-mailing Chantail Ballard at Inspections not scheduled by noon, will be postponed until the next inspection day.

We know that these rules will require some adjustment from our contactors and permittee’s. However, they will help us to accommodate the emergency order and MIOSHA rules, and the requirements for social distancing, while providing service to our contractors and homeowners. Please know that we are excited for your construction project and we will do everything we can to help your project be successful. Your patience is appreciated while we all work through this challenging time.

 This information is subject to change at any time, as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve quickly and frequently. We will update this webpage if modifications to this process are necessary, so please check back frequently. Thank you!

Building Permit Information

Planning on remodeling that old house? Time to finally build that addition or finish the basement for the extra space you need? What many people don’t realize is that most home-improvement projects require a building and/or trade permit from the township.  Along with state construction codes, there are many local ordinances that can regulate elements of a home-improvement project.

Here are some answers to questions regarding permit requirements. Please contact the Community Development Department directly with any questions or for exact construction code regulations.

  • A homeowner may secure permits for work he/she is performing on the home where they reside.
  • State law requires that a licensed contractor secure permits for renovations to dwellings or structures where the homeowner does not reside.
  • Make sure your builder is licensed, insured, and has obtained the necessary permits. You can call the State to verify past complaints about a contractor at 900-555-8374.
  • Excavation for any structure, the erection of, addition to, or alteration of any building or structure shall not occur until a permit is secured. Building or trade permits are required for all additions or alterations with the following exceptions:
    1. Accessory structures under 200 square feet
    2. Minor electrical repairs and maintenance (as determined by the Township Inspector)
    3. Minor mechanical repairs and maintenance (as determined by the Township Inspector)
    4. Minor plumbing repairs and maintenance (as determined by the Township Inspector)
    5. Painting, carpeting, or other finish work (as determined by the Township Inspector)
    6. A prefabricated pool less than 24 inches in depth
    7. Re-Roofing 2nd layer only (tear-off requires a permit)
    8. Sidewalks or driveways
    9. Swings and playground equipment
    10. Window awnings supported by exterior wall
    11. Retaining walls under 4 feet in height
  • Excavation will require a soil erosion permit or waiver and can be obtained from the Delhi Township Community Development Department.
  • Existing roof coverings must be removed when roof has two or more layers of any type of roofing material.
  • Construction plans are required.
  • site plan (PDF) which indicates the property lines and all building dimensions must be submitted with the permit application.


Application for permits must be submitted to the Community Development Department for review and approval. Required applications and code forms are available on the online forms page or contacting the Community Development Department at 517-694-8281.