Tax Bill Detail

Ever wonder what all those items are on your tax bill? Did you know that Delhi only keeps about 17% of what residents pay to use for Delhi Township operations?

Here are the details of the typical Delhi tax bill:

  • CADL Library Millage is for the Capital Area District Library. The Capital Area District Library serves most of Ingham County. CADL operates thirteen libraries and a bookmobile, which stops throughout the County. All of these locations share resources and provide residents of each community with access to all materials and services offered by CADL. This millage was approved by voters. See CADL for additional information.
  • CATA Millage is for the CATA bus system serving most of Ingham County. This millage was approved by voters.  See CATA for routes and additional information.
  • The CRAA Millage is for the Capital Region Airport Authority that operates the Capital Region International Airport and Mason Jewett Field. The Capital Region Airport Authority was created in 1970 pursuant to Act No. 73 of the Public Acts of Michigan. A regional authority was created in 1971, with the City of Lansing and Ingham County.
  • County Voted Millages include 911, Animal Control  Health Services, Elder Care, Special Transportation, Jail/Juvenile Justice, Farmland Preservation and the Potter Park Zoo. These millages were approved by voters. See the Ingham website for additional Ingham County information.
  • Fire/EMS Millage is used for the partial funding for the fire and EMS department at Delhi Township. This millage was approved by voters.
  • Ingham ISD Millage is for the Ingham Intermediate School District which serves as a shared community resource that creates networks of support and enhances educational opportunities for all learners in the service area. Programs include Capital Area Career Center, School Development Services and special education support. See the Ingham School District website for additional information.
  • LCC Millage is for Lansing Community College. See LCC for additional information. This millage was approved by voters. 
  • Police Millage is used for the partial funding of the Delhi Division of the Ingham County Sheriff’s department. This millage was approved by voters. 
  • School Debt Millage is for debts that school districts have incurred that were approved by voters. This will vary depending on the school district.
  • School Operating Millage is charged for all non-owner occupied properties. In Michigan, residents are allowed one property as their “principle residence.” The total mills charged will vary depending on the school district.
  • Special Assessments are itemized at the end of the bill and include charges for streetlights, delinquent sewer, road improvements and charges from the Ingham County Drain Commissioner’s office for drain work (see the Ingham website under “elected officials” for more information on drains).
  • Township Operating Millage is used for operating expenses of the township including Department of Public Services, Parks and Recreation and personnel. This millage was voted on.

As of 2021

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