Thermometer Collection

Why Collect Mercury Thermometers & Thermostats?

Mercury Thermometer

Delhi cares about you and your future! Mercury has been recognized as one of the primary pollutants of concern for Michigan. In fact, mercury contamination has resulted in the Michigan Department of Community Health issuing state-wide fish consumption advisories.

Mercury is a naturally occurring toxic trace element found in air, water, soil, and rocks. It is a silvery colored liquid member of a group of elements called heavy metals. Mercury is used in thousands of household and commercial products and industrial processes.

In humans, mercury poisoning can cause central nervous system, kidney and liver damage, and impaired child development.* Four members of a Michigan family died from inhaling mercury vapors released by home smelting mercury amalgams to recover the silver. Children playing with mercury can be seriously poisoned by breathing invisible vapors released to the air at room temperature from spilled mercury in carpeting, furniture or other surfaces. In the environment, microorganisms can convert mercury into methylmercury, which is especially toxic.

All mercury-containing thermometers and thermostats collected by the Township will be properly disposed of.

Dispose of Mercury Thermometers & Thermostats

Please bring your mercury-containing thermometer or thermostat in sealed double-bagged "Ziploc" type plastic bags to the Delhi Township Wastewater Treatment Plant at 5961 McCue Road. Please call 517-699-3873 before you leave to let us know you are coming to drop items off.

Further Steps

  • Buy alternative products that do not contain the following ingredients: thimerosal (some contact lens solutions), phenylmercuric acetate, mercuric oxide, etc.
  • Choose alternatives to mercury-containing products including mercury-free batteries and electric thermostats.
  • Separate mercury-containing waste from your trash and save it for local household hazardous waste collection days.
  • Recycle button batteries.
  • Conserve electricity: Burning less coal and oil (that naturally contains mercury) to generate electricity will emit less mercury into the environment.
  • Use energy efficient compact fluorescent lights. However, please be aware that all fluorescent bulbs contain mercury. Be careful not to break them and properly dispose of used fluorescent bulbs during household hazardous waste collection days (see information above).
  • Use mechanical or electrical switches instead of mercury-containing light and appliance switches.
  • Check children's "light up" shoes. L.A. Gear's My Lil' Lights if bought before June of 1994 contain mercury.
  • Dispose of any latex paint manufactured before 1990 at household hazardous waste day; it may contain mercury.
  • Information on mercury is from the "Mercury Awareness for Michigan Citizens" brochure published by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Copies are available upon request by calling the Delhi Wastewater Treatment Plant.