Business Personal Property

*Online Filing for Personal Property Forms Now Available*

Attention Delhi Township Businesses!  For your convenience, the Delhi Township Assessor’s office is offering free online filing for all personal property forms, including Form 4175/632 – Personal Property Statement, and Form 5076 – Affidavit to Claim Small Business Tax Exemption.  

In lieu of mailing a Personal Property Statement to all businesses by January 10, our office is mailing an Orange Postcard with the e-filing information below:

To access online filing, please click on or copy the following link into your web-browser

Traditional paper forms will still be accepted and can be printed along with instructions from our website at:  

If you have moved, closed, or no longer owned this business as of December 31, 2022, please notify us immediately by email at  Questions regarding your personal property can be directed to Reason Consulting, our third-party auditor, at 810-225-7605.

FILING IS MANDATORY.  The due date for ALL Personal Property Forms is February 21, 2023.  Failure to file will result in the Assessor’s office estimating your assessment.  Michigan Compiled Law 211.21 states “If a person, member of a firm, or officer of a corporation willfully neglects or refuses to make out and deliver a statement required under section 19 or falsely answers or refuses to answer questions concerning his or her property or property under his or her control as required under this act, that person is guilty of a misdemeanor…”

For FAQs, please visit our website at

Business Personal Property is defined as all property that is not real property. Real property is defined as land and all things attached to the land on a relatively permanent basis. Personal property may be either tangible personal property (such as furniture, fixtures, equipment, etc.) or intangible (such as branding). For property tax assessment purposes, we are concerned only with tangible personal property.

Annually, on or before January 10, the Delhi Township Assessing Department will mail Personal Property Statements to all known businesses within our jurisdiction as of December 31 of the preceding year, also known as Tax Day. Businesses that do not receive a mailed statement must still file a Personal Property Statement. Personal Property Statements and Small Taxpayer Business Exemption Affidavits can be found under Assessing Forms. Please see the FAQs to determine which form is best suited for your business. Failure to timely file a Personal Property Statement or Small Taxpayer Business Exemption Affidavit will result in an estimated assessed and taxable value for your annual tax levy.